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The wiki page for APEC Center for Technology foresight (APEC CTF)


Established as a project of the Industrial Science and Technology Workingh Group (ISTWG) in 1998, hosted by the National Science and Technology Development Agency, the APEC CTF aims to develop and diffuse foresight capability and leading edge planning tools to prepare APEC Economies for rapid change and major societal challanges through:

● APEC-wide foresight projects

● Regional, sectoral, and ognaizational forsight

● State-of-the-art foresight training

● National and regional strategy planning

From 2009 onwards, the center has been hosted by the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) becomes the new host of the center.

APEC-CTF's wiki

The wiki system was introduced by Science and Technology Knowledge Services (STKS), NSTDA in 2008 and has been adopted since then by the center as one of many tools for knowledge management. The system has been employed in many projects ranging from foresight research, foresight training, documents/publications deposition, national science and technology policy formulation, manpower/infrastructure plan development, public STI forum, to personal space.

Belows are some examples of projects conducted by APEC-CTF, some of which uses wiki as a tool:

● Roadmapping Converging Technologies to Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases

Dr. Nares Damrongchai, the executive director of the center, has been overseen and provided suggestions on maintenance and improvement of the wiki. I, as an active IT user, have been responsible as an administrator to ensure the consistent of the wiki structure with support from STKS.

The system is designed as an internal space for staff. Therefore the client/outsider is not involved in the design of the system. However, there are some exceptional cases especially those actively involve in the development of some projects.

The STI office and APEC CTF staff are encouraged to use the wiki as part of their routine works, on voluntary basis. They are free to upload files onto the system such as published articles, e-books, meeting minutes, interview notes, presentation files, roadmaps, scenarios etc. This is based on the information sharing basis. In addition, some sections of wiki possess discussion areas in order for the staff to exchange their opinions.

--Suchat Udomsopagit 13:57, 30 March 2010 (UTC)

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