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Smallcaps will display the lowercase part of your text as typographical small caps.

This template should be used sparingly, as markup should be kept simple. Ideally, this template should only be used by templates. In particular, it should not be used for any of the following:

  • Name/surname disambiguation; using capitalisation for this purpose is uncommonly-used in English-speaking territories.
  • Markup up acronyms; standard capital letters should be used.
  • All-caps trademarks; these should be presented in regular title case.


Your source text is not altered in the output, only the way it is displayed on the screen: a copy-paste of the text will give the small caps sections in their original form; similarly, an older or non-CSS browser will only display the original text on screen. This can be seen as a problem, solved with {{sc}}.

{{Smallcaps|Your Text in 4004 bc}}
Your Text in 4004 bc
Your Text in 4004 bc
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