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{{sc}}, named after small caps, is a more robust and consistent WYSIWYG extension of {{Smallcaps}}, backward-compatible in syntax and results. It will rewrite your text using typographical SMALL CAPS. This template is especially useful for name/surname disambiguation in lead sections, and to lighten all-caps words or pronounceable acronyms.

Code Adolfo {{sc|B|ioy| C|asares}}
Displayed Adolfo BIOY CASARES
Pasted Adolfo BIOY CASARES

Contrary to {{Smallcaps}}, the text will still show the disambiguated "Adolfo BIOY CASARES" (instead of "Adolfo Bioy Casares") in:

  • A copy-pasted version of the text.
  • A degraded version displayed by a non-CSS browser, or one whose CSS has been disabled, or portable devices such as mobile phones.
  • An excerpt as displayed in the results of search engines such as Google.

This preserves the benefit of small caps where they were judged useful.

Code {{sc|The Lord G|OD| was the L|ORD| in 4004 |BC}}
Displayed The Lord GOD was the LORD in 4004 BC
Pasted The Lord GOD was the LORD in 4004 BC

In this case, the pasted/degraded/excerpted text will retain proper theological caps (instead of the erroneous "The Lord God was the Lord in 4004 bc" that {{Smallcaps}} would give.)

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