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This is the {{portal other}} meta-template.

This template helps other templates detect if they are on a "Portal:" page or some "other" type of page.


This template usually takes two parameters, like this:

{{portal other | Portal page text | Other pages text }}

If the template is on a "Portal:" page, it will return this:

Portal page text

If the template is on any other page, it will return this:

Other pages text

A typical usage case could be to make it so that a template only adds a category when on portal pages. Thus not adding other pages that just show the template. Like this:

{{portal other | [[Category:Some portal category]] }}

Or to warn that a template should not be used on other pages:

{{portal other | | This template should only be used on portal pages. }}

Note that in the first case above the "other" parameter was not used, and in the second example the "portal" parameter was left empty.

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