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This template displays an error message when not given sufficient parameters 
(It needs three arguments min. two colors followed by text), and the error message is suppressed whilst this page is viewed directly.
This template is a template work around for incompatible behaviors in Fs, nested in conjunction with TextColors (A wikitable delimited form, used to develop this 'div style' version).
where parameter "|border=various"
... allows a variety of add on style effects, such as padding and borders —-- normal legal HTML inside 'div style' blocks.
wherein arguments #'s
(1) and (2) — Set foreground and background colors of the given block of text respectfully. They can be specified by name or in the format #dddddd (RGB hex triplet).
(3) — is the text to be displayed inside a colorized block, omission of which leaves the 'bright' error message shown above. In general, most other templates will work within this field. However, some may not parse properly due to template nesting arcana.
(4) — is the optional div block width perameter. (default is full width, or 100%)
(5) — is an optional Font Size perameter. (default is very small, or Font Size 1)


ex-1) Using default width and <br/>: {{NestTextColors|#000000|#ffffff|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website. (black on white, 100% width, medium font size,<br/>[Note the missing fourth perameter,defaults to 100% width --->] --->)||3}} gives: ex-2) {{NestTextColors|#aa0000|#009999|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website. (A red hue on 50%, small font)|50}} gives: ex-3) {{NestTextColors|Green|cyan|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website. (Green on Cyan, 75% width, medium small font size) |75|2}} gives: ex-4) <div style="float:right">{{NestTextColors|yellow|grey|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website. (Yellow on Grey, 75%, Medium-large font size) |75|4}}</div> gives:

ex-5) {{NestTextColors|blue|silver|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website.|25|5}} gives: ex-6) <center>{{NestTextColors|grey|yellow|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website.|50|3}}</center> gives:
ex-7) <div style="float:right">{{NestTextColors|black|aqua|From FORwiki, the romanian foresight website.|35|3}}</div> gives:

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