The Power Of Visions

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Project Visions and Visioning
File:Vision.jpg This article is developed within the scope of the Project Visions and Visioning, an effort to enhance Foresight learning through collaborative work.

The Power of Visions is the first lecture from a module on Visions and Visioning, first taught to graduate students from the Communication Faculty of the National School for Political and Administration Studies (Romania).


why do we need to know about visions?

is there a connection between having a shared vision and having good projects?

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the relation between visions and projects

every project must be based on ...

the organizational kit

the case statement

how are shared visions being built?

the foresight exercise

doing foresight


why take a spare wheel?

the governance agent becomes the central actor

a general model for foresight exercises

foresight projects or foresight activities?

how is vision building contributing to strategic planning?

strategic management model

mission and vision statement

modes of strategic decision-making

planned mode
entrepreneurial mode
adaptive mode
logical incrementalism

the future of communication

pedagogical features


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