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Project Visions and Visioning
File:Vision.jpg This article is developed within the scope of the Project Visions and Visioning, an effort to enhance Foresight learning through collaborative work.

Visionary Project is the third lecture from a module on Visions and Visioning, first taught to graduate students from the Communication Faculty of the National School for Political and Administration Studies (Romania).

No vision, no projects


Project Management - a troubled discipline

  • optimization school - how to plan a project?
  • factor school - what determines a project’s success?
  • contingency school - why do projects differ?
  • behavior school - how do projects behave?
  • governance school - how are projects governed?
  • relationship school - how are projects generated?
  • decision school - why do projects continue to live?


  • a simple and clear-cut definition of project and project management would be a difficult feat
  • projects are defined as complex sets of activities, complex tasks, organizational structures, organization processes, transactions, networks, large-scale investments
  • some overlap and shared ideas are discerned regarding project definition, such as temporarity, complexity, and interdisciplinary
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