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Hi, you can call me Lik Meng. Or Lee, if you have problems remembering names, like me.

No, I was not born in the year 0001, as shown in my biota (when you view my "user page"). That would make me about 2,000 years old. But why not, if you believe I am a reincarnate. That is due to the default date. And I am too shy to reveal my real birthday.

This what I looked like in December 2009

People always comment that I look young, for my age. Isn't that what is being said about the future of aging? The population of the World is aging but will be younger. We will all grow old but enjoy a lifestyle of the young.

I remember Nobel Laurette in Physics saying that what you do not see, does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see the future of course. But you can be sure that it is out there waiting. We can choose to age gracefully.

Birth date and image

Hi Lee! Thank you for making the observation about the birth date :-D and for uploading your photo. I have deleted that particular line from your user page and square cropped the photo. Hope you like it and yes, you look young, I couldn't guess your age ;-)

If you like, you can further expand your user page so other members of the community can find more about you! :-) What didn't you know by now about User:Dan Grosu? :-D --admin 07:24, 4 March 2010 (UTC)

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