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|image = Dan2.JPG
|image = Dan2.JPG
|caption =  
|caption =  
|birth_date    = {{birth date and age|196|12|20}}
|birth_date    = {{birth date and age|1967|12|20}}
|birth_place  = Bucharest
|birth_place  = Bucharest
|nationality  =  
|nationality  =  

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Hi! Welcome to the Foresight Wiki!

My name is Dan Grosu. I am one of the founding fathers of the Foresight Wiki, for which I have developed the Concept, System Requirements, Policies & Guidelines, and initial content. And now I am a member of the FORwiki Community. I am also sitting in the Committee for Arbitration, together with Philine Warnke, and Ozcan Saritas.

Dan Grosu
Born Bucharest
Education University of Bucharest
Known for the methodology of the Romanian Foresight Exercise for the R&D Sector
en-4 This user is able to contribute with a near-native level of English.


Foresight Exercises

Foresight Papers


More stuff about me

Rapid Bucharest FC


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