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Project Visions and Visioning
File:Vision.jpg This article is developed within the scope of the Project Visions and Visioning, an effort to enhance Foresight learning through collaborative work.

Strategic intelligence can be defined as "the set of actions to search, process, diffuse and protect information in order to make it available to the right person at the right time in order to make a decision".

The following forms of strategic intelligence are prospective or forward looking and targeted on policy decisions:

  • Technology forecasting - consists of a continuous monitoring of technological developments and their conditions, leading to an early identification of promising future applications and an assessment of their potential.
  • Technology assessment - consists of an analysis of social, economic and environmental potentials of new scientific and technological developments in order to obtain results that support the decision-making process on technology and to develop options for better exploiting opportunities arising from new technologies. It can be:
    • technology-driven - with focus on a specific technology
    • problem-driven - with focus on societal problems arising from the application of technology
  • Technology foresight - is based on a much broader concept that implies a wide range of themes and stakeholders in order to examine the social, economic and environmental aspects of new technologies. This form of strategic intelligence is frequently used to support policy-related decision-making at the national or supra-national level.
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