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Project Ozcan Saritas
This article is developed within the scope of the Project Module Visions and Visionning, an effort to enhance Foresight learning through collaborative work.

Project Module Visions and Visionning is an eLearning 2.0 project. The traditional approach to e-learning has been to employ the use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), software that is often cumbersome and expensive - and which tends to be structured around courses, timetables, and testing. That is an approach that is too often driven by the needs of the institution rather than the individual learner. In contrast, e-learning 2.0 (as coined by Stephen Downes) takes a 'small pieces, loosely joined' approach that combines the use of discrete but complementary tools and web services - such as blogs, wikis, and other social software - to support the creation of ad-hoc learning communities.



Lecture 1 - The Power Of Visions

Collaborative Work

The Future Of Communication

The Future Of Add Agencies

The Future OF Communication Faculties

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