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The Practices Portal

Articles from the Practices portal present instances of similar practices in Foresight. The articles typically include referential content migrated from the FOR-LEARN platform, as well as descriptions of the usage of a Foresight method in the context of several Foresight exercises.

List of articles

Featured article

Modelling & Simulation is a method which aims at developing a level of understanding of the interrelations and interdependencies between the parts of a system, and of the system as a whole. A model is a simplified representation of a real system, which is produced to develop understanding on how the actual system works. Simulation is a usually computerized version of the model which is run over time to study the behavior of the system and its elements under different circumstances. Computer simulation has become an integral part of modelling many natural systems, which can be found in physics, chemistry and biology; and human and social systems as well as in engineering. Some of the common objectives of Modelling and Simulation evaluation of decision or alternative actions, development of alternative scenarios, forecasting, evaluation strategies for transformation or change, prototyping and concept evaluation, risk and safety assessment, support for acquisition and procurement decisions. (more...)

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