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Jointly Shaping and Launching the Foresight Wiki is a workshop to be organized in Bucharest between April 14th, 2010 and April 16th, 2010. The coordinator is Dr. Philine Warnke.



Prior to the event, each participant will put one Foresight case online within the Narratives portal, following the “guide-lines” below.

Narrative Guideline

Each participant is welcomed to tell his/hers Foresight story in any way s/he think best to bring out the most interesting aspects. It is recommended to keep in mind that some readers may be interested in the outcomes of an exercise while others may rather want to know “how it was done”. In particular those practitioners who will use the experience to do something similar will most likely be interested in “what went wrong” and “lessons learned” at least as much as in success stories.

Non-mandatory keywords for FORwiki narratives

Here are some keywords that others found useful, which a participant may want to use for telling his/her story.

  • What was the motivation to start doing Foresight in the first place? What was the key problem driving the launching of the exercise?
  • What were the objectives of the Foresight exercise?
  • How was the exercise designed?
    • Was there a team, external support?
    • Was the client involved in the design?
  • What were the key formal methods that were used?
  • How was approached participation?
    • What kind of participants were involved?
    • How were the participants selected and approached?
  • How long did the Foresight exercise last?
  • How much did it cost?
  • How was it financed?
  • What was the management structure?
  • What were the outcomes (tangible)?
  • What were the benefits (intangible)?
  • What was the main difficulty encountered?
  • What was the best experience within the Foresight exercise?
  • What should be done differently next time?
  • What was the greatest benefit of the Foresight exercise?


After short presentations of the FORwiki concept and the workshop's agenda, a roundtable is meant to capture the writers' experiences. Each participant will give a mini-introduction of her/himself, his/her narrative and his/her experience in writing the story for the Foresight Wiki. A "Creative Collective Writing Session" will follow, during which each participant will put questions on the stories of the others and suggests FORwiki links. Everybody will return to their own story and will work on the others' questions.

A second collaborative session will be focused on optimising the FORwiki contributions.

  • What kind of relevant content have we been missing within the existing stories?
  • How can the writing be supported in an optimal way to get the best out of the stories? How to make WIKI writing fun?
  • What are the cornerstones for the narrative model (agree on a minimum set).
  • What kind of stories are we missing all-together?
    • Who can contribute this type of content and how can such contributions be motivated?
  • What else can be done to foster community approbation?

During a final "Creative Collective Writing Session" participants will choose on which method stub to work on. Where there is more than one it will be done in a team; the teams can either distribute topic among them or write one text together. The teams enhance the stubs and insert links to the stories.


  • Ziauddin Sardar
  • Wendy Schultz
  • Stefanie Jenssen
  • Jennifer Cassingena Harper
  • Sirkka Heinonen
  • Lyn Jeffery
  • Cornelia Daheim
  • François Jégou
  • Susanne Giesecke
  • Effie Amantidou
  • Kais Hammami
  • José Miguel Fernández Güell
  • Pilar Rodriguez
  • Ricardo Seidl da Fonseca
  • Francesca Boscolo
  • Björn Bedsted
  • Suchat Udomsopagit
  • Lik Meng Lee
  • Attila Havas
  • Cristiano Cagnin
  • Radu Gheorghiu


  • Philine Warnke
  • Antje Bierwisch
  • Dan Grosu
  • Iulia Mărieş
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