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Current events

The Current events portal presents worldwide events in the field of Future Studies & Foresight. In particular, all the Mutual Learning Workshops organised during the Quality and Leadership for Romanian Higher Education project, implementing the concept of Bucharest Dialogues, are presented in this section of the Foresight Wiki.
Members of the FORwiki Community are invited to state their willingness to participate in these events and cooperate for their organizing. If you have an idea for an event that you feel it would be of interest for the Foresight Community of Practice, create a FORwiki page, list it under On the community's agenda, and try to create an alliance with other members of the FORwiki Community around it.

Past events

Vision Building

A vision describes an idealised desirable future of a specific system that is substantially different from the status quo. A vision is relevant to the actors concerned and thereby motivates, inspires and directs action towards the vision. In contrast, scenarios describe different plausible futures that usually contain desirable and non-desirable elements. In business, policy circles and civil society communities, shared visions are increasingly recognised as highly relevant for initiating transition processes and achieving goals. Powerful, inspiring visions cannot be generated in a top-down manner. They need to be co-created in a participatory process. Accordingly, interactive visioning processes are an important element in the Foresight toolbox. However, in comparison to other approaches such as scenario building, Delphi surveys and roadmapping there is only little theoretical work on visioning. While in principle visions can be “tacit”, Foresight aims at expressing visions in an ex-plicit manner through images, metaphors and texts to communicate and share the “idealised” future. Even though different practitioners use different visioning approaches they share certain elements such as exploration of individual and personal visions, investigation of shared values, assessing the legacy of the past and exploring dreams for the future. Very often visioning involves visual and other creative elements as a catalyst of expressing wishes and values. Scenario analysis can be used as a first step in visioning process in particular to deal with the external environment of the area that is tackled. (more...)

In preparation

On the community's agenda

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