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LikMeng's blog


35 hours. Budapest - Vienna- Frankfurt.

Observations: Repeatedly heard people talking of adventure and "feeling young again", we bought loads of food in Bucharest even though we knew there would be many opportunities for supply, people tended to plan their route so they would meet people they know. Suprisingly quiet among the 300 or so people waiting to buy tickets in Budapest.

Francesca: 30 hours, Bucharest - Budapest - Vienna - Frankfurt - Brussels Observations: it was a real adventure, so strange to see trains crowded with people crossing all Europe. Almost missed my connection in Vienna, with a huge crowd running like crazy from one platform to the other. And smiling! Yes, everything was so absurd! But we were all aware that missing that train was equal to missing the precious seat reservation with no chances to get a new one any time soon! Got to Frankfurt after 27 hours on the train. Thank God I bought enough food and drinks before getting on board: no bordrestaurant on the first train and on the second one, after quieing for half an hour, there was nothing left to eat. 30-minute break in Frankfurt: that was great! Finally a chance to stand up, have a short walk and get some decent and fresh food! :-) After 3 hours, I'm finally at home. Will have something to remember for the rest of my life I guess!

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